About the Owner

Leanne Rumsey, a former veterinary hospital administrator, is your strongest marketing ally as a website analyst and strategic copywriter. Leverage her deep insight into the pet owners’ decision making process to ensure your marketing efforts hit the mark with client-centric messaging and digital marketing best practices.

Very few inhabitants of the internet marketing jungle understand the unique nature of companion animal medicine. And very few veterinary hospital owners, practice managers, or management consultants can keep-up with the constant changes pursuant to internet marketing best practices. Leanne’s in-the-trenches veterinary experience, up to date digital marketing skills, and her genuine passion for promoting the human-animal bond continue to set her apart from the crowd.

Hi! I’m Leanne. I’m a veterinary insider on a mission to bring common sense and clarity to this over-hyped and often obscured discipline of internet marketing.

In December of 2010, I left my job as a veterinary hospital administrator to launch my own consulting practice because I knew I could help more than just the one hospital within which I was employed.

And for the past several years, I’ve been doing exactly that; helping veterinary professionals to diagnose and treat performance hindering issues within their websites, social media properties, and other areas associated with marketing systems.


My colleagues and private clients have mentioned that my holistic approach to marketing is very different when compared to what they’ve been hearing from the gurus at veterinary conferences.

Indeed. It is.

I believe it is different because of my past marketing experience, from both outside and inside the veterinary industry, combined with my current education pursuant to digital marketing.

And it is through all of these experiences, I’ve gained insight into the power of integrative marketing systems with your website as “the hub” for all peripheral channels.

About the System

What is an Integrative Marketing System?

An integrative marketing system connects both traditional and inbound (permission-based) marketing methodologies, and also may incorporate both print and digital media to ensure your message gets found by, or is distributed to, your target audience.

Your clients and potential clients are busier than ever, more ‘plugged-in’ than ever, and have shrinking attention spans. If you care about communicating more effectively with your clients, boosting compliance, and improving your new client acquisition and client retention metrics, an integrative and cross-channel approach can help you.

What Are the Channels in an Integrative Marketing System?

In this specific context, the channels include SMS/text messaging, email, blogging, videos, smart phone apps, social media, websites, direct mail, in-hospital signage, live event promotional products, etc.

However, this gets exponentially more exciting when we integrate the channels within your marketing strategy.

1. Social media posts can link to an applicable landing page within your website. This encourages users to crossover from 3rd party platforms which you don’t own (such as G+, Twitter, and Facebook) and engage with content on your own website.

2. Your Facebook® Business Page can promote a Call-to-Action button such as, “Get Directions” or “Call Now.” This encourages Facebook users to physically visit or call your hospital to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

3. Your well-written blog articles on your website are designed and coded with the proper social media share menu. This makes it easy for your blog readers to share your engaging, helpful, and share-worthy content with their own friends on Facebook, circles on Google+, etc.


4. You engage in strategic and ethical use of mobile marketing such as encouraging pet owners to text special keywords to a short code or a long code. For example, something along the lines of, text the keyword “OFFERS” to 827438 (this is a live SMS campaign for Target. Go ahead and test it, but be sure to text STOP when you no longer want to participate). When you have your own short code you can invite pet owners to text keywords such as “PETS” to opt-in to your text-message marketing system in which they give you permission to send push notifications to their mobile phones, or they can choose to download your App, or subscribe to your email list, etc. Get creative and have fun with cross-channel opportunities by integrating these high tech digital elements with low tech offline assets; listing applicable keywords with your short code on your invoices, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, newspaper ads, promotional goodies, banners at live events, etc.

5. Your mobile responsive website has the proper Click to Call feature in the correct spot. So, when a user taps the Click to Call link on their smartphone, your veterinary hospital’s phone starts ringing.

6. The well-written and properly SEO’d content within your website actually shows-up on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when pet owners in your neighborhood search Google for a nearby veterinarian.

And this is only a partial list. You can have so much more fun with marketing by connecting different tactics to support your marketing strategy.

With an integrative and cross-channel approach, your marketing efforts gain a much wider reach compared to engaging in only one marketing activity (sending postcard reminders via US Mail, for example) or even when engaging in several marketing activities, but each within its own lonely silo (not integrated).

Now what?

Just as in veterinary medicine, the best treatment plan begins with the correct diagnosis. The best place to start is with a comprehensive evaluation. Utilizing a variety of diagnostic tools, several different software programs, checklists, and guidelines for best practices, I’ll analyze the data and compile all of the results for you into an easy-to-read report with actionable insights.

Once the underlying issues have been addressed, you’ll be able to fully leverage the power of integration to create a more holistic and sustainable marketing communication plan with the ultimate objective of healthier pets and a healthier veterinary practice.